That You Won't Want To Miss....

The Jim Krenz lecture....¶

Jim Krenz gave his first lecture several years ago--he went over like fireworks. The same reactions for his succeeding ones. Lots of "oohs & aahs," and people rubbing their eyes in disbelief.... His effects are fresh, and his methodology is wonderfully clever! (And practical too!)
If you like great card magic, and amazing close-up effects, then you will love Jim's magic!¶
The lecture will include card eff ects, coins, a matchbook, and the proper use of the "Hold-Out." Here's a tentative list: Jim's inside work on the Cornelius Pen Thr ough Anything (Which turns the effect into a torn & restored miracle!); Savage Card--an intriguingly diff erent Wild Card; Business CardToon (in which it appears that letters animate on a signed business card); Twisted
(two thought-of cards travel between two decks!); Phoenix Reborn (A coin vanish & re-appearance, that will
astound you!); Banking Facilities (Jim's revolutionary new ideas on a classic card technique); NeoMix (A deceptive Oil &
Water with a dazzling ending) and Invisible Triumph (The effect that impressed and fooled the informed inner circle at the F.F.F.F.!).¶
Jim will also discuss practice and rehearsal techniques. How to improve your overall performance, and how to use misdirection. He'll also share one of the very best ways to learn a classic pass.... And Jim will teach Juan Tamariz's Perpendicular Control, and show an original, new use for it.¶
Jim will have techniques and eff ects for all tastes. There will be illustrated lecture notes, as well as some commercial eff ects for sale. There will be easy stuff, hard stuff, and innovative stuff. Jim has been working on these routines for a long time. (Some are over ten years old).
Now, I could mention more gems that Jim might part w ith, but if you really want to know about them, then you should come to the lecture. I could tell you about Dracula Goes Wild; (a Bizarre Wild Card), or Bill Through Coin (a rolled up dollar bill is pushed through any borrowed coin); Cups & Balls Routine (a powerful revision of a true classic direct from Jim's professional repertoire); Penny From Hell (a borrowed penny implodes when a psychic experiment goes awry); or I could mention his new baffler: Krenz's Card in Envelope (an instantly repeatable card in sealed envelope with built-in humor). But that would be telling. This looks like it will be a blockbuster event, that you won't want to miss. Be there!

Hope to see you at the lecture!

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