Please note that this is the last notice from Jim Krenz....

On January 31 -- Jim Krenz will lecture at 1:00 pm. (A Saturday Afternoon) Jim (hey, that's me!) has a lecture all lined up for the Hardcore group, and it will consist of classic Krenz material and a few new effects never performed before magicians in the U.S.

Among the newer items will be: "Ripper!" when Juan Tamariz saw it, he described it as "one of the best torn & restored cards that he has ever seen...."; B'reignWave, a freely named card and an examinable deck--need I say more?; Absolute Coincidence, two "half" decks are shuffled multiple times (really!), yet the freely selected half cards mysteriously match; Revolving Elmsley, a new twist on the Elmsley Count; The Leech, an ultra-clean way to lose a card in a deck, yet retain complete control over the card...even though the deck is legitimately(!) shuffled; The Jim Krenz Amazing Ten Card Trick, Jim's version of the classic Victor Eleven Card Trick; Memor X-files, a (never before seen) phenomenal routine with an audio tape and a freely thought-of card that will stun you; Namely Yours, a name deck with a instant repeat--with any name!; and Cornelius' Perfect Pen.If there is time left, Jim will also perform additional effects.

There will be techniques and effects for all tastes. There will be some of my classic commercial stuff for sale. There will be easy stuff, hard stuff, and innovative stuff. See you there!


It has been a good many years that I've run the lecture group here at Magic, Inc.

I believe (with a few exceptions) that it has been a very good experience for all involved. We've had a stable turnout of dedicated and satisfied members (currently close to two hundred!). Other than the heat in the summer (that little room gets hot with everyone packed in), people seem very happy. Even Mel Siegel doesn't complain any more!

The lecturers have been pleased. We've certainly had variety. At a rough count, I've booked, set-up, ran and organized over one hundred and fifty lectures for you folks over the many years.

From Green to Roth, from Carney to Bossi, from Ammar to Harris, from Close to Page, from Lupo to Berry, from Harlan to Aronson, from Bannon to Columbini, from Vallarino to King, from Bavli to Becker, from Brown to Lesley, from Swiss to Ortiz, from Benatar to Rogers, from Bernstein to Carter, from Earle to Pavel, from Sands to Korem, from Schulien to Beam, from Cloutier to Given, from Samelson to Weber, from Gazzo to Fitch, from Ackerman to Hollingworth, from Neale to Howard, from Burger to Maven, from Minch to Wonder--

I could go on and on and on....

We've had Dave Neighbors and Bill Goldman lecture more times than I can remember!

And we've had Juan Tamariz do lectures and teach-ins back when few Americans had ever even heard of him, much less experience the sensation that he creates.

It hasn't been flawless. I've had two last second cancelations over all of these years, and a dozen or so advance announcements that didn't pan out. I've booked a few lectures that I've regretted (dealer demos or just plain bad). And remember the short lived Hardcore Caucus?

But the successes have all made it worthwhile. Seeing people freak out at the sight of Lennert Green's magic. Seeing a young kid meet his idol, David Roth (whom he might have otherwise never met). We had Tommy Wonder shortly after the release of his opuses. We had Williamson before anyone in Chicago had heard of Rocky. And the Tamariz experiences. They have been without peer. After all, how many lectures/performances have you seen that get three standing ovations? Hell, even one? I'm very happy to have brought all of this together.

We've kept the admission price low enough to keep attendees happy, but high enough to bring in lecturers that would never have come through Chicago otherwise.

And the shop has done this without losing any money, and on occasion, even made a profit. And we've certainly created a vibrant and long lasting goodwill with our "magical family" throughout Chicagoland.


If you haven't figured it out by now, I should be blunt and inform you that I'm finishing my long stint as your lecture chairman. Yes, I know. I really will miss you too. Sincerely.

I've been at Magic, Inc. for close to fifteen years, and it is time to move on. I've had an offer to work at Genii Magazine. For the last few years, Erika Larsen has been publishing the entire magazine on her own. Quite a task, when you consider that other magazines of this size have entire staffs to work on them. Erika needs someone who, aside from having a background in magic, also understands Macintosh computers, QuarkXpress, Photoshop and Filemaker Pro. Since these exact same programs are the ones I've been utilizing here forever, it is as if I wrote the job description myself. The fact that my paycheck will be sizably increasing is the clincher.

So, I'm moving to Los Angles in early February. If you wish to keep in touch with me, simply read Genii (in fact, isn't about time you subscribed/renewed?). I intend on keeping my same e-mail address (, so you can write me there, if you wish.

Now is probably a good time to publicly thank everyone at Magic, Inc.

From Vic, Walter, Fred, Bruce, Tim, Maggie, Gail, Jean, Johnny, Ginger, Mary Alice, Clarence, John, Bob, Richard, Nora, Tevell, Ed, Dan, Larry, Jim, Mike and Mark...and especially Jay, I've had the best of friends to work with.

Three special individuals have made my life particularly rich: Chuck Stanfield, Tony Andruzzi and Frances Marshall. Without their advice, goodwill and jovial spirits, I would be ever so much a lesser human being. My sincerest and deepest thanks goes out to them.

And, of course, there is you. I've made quite a few friends over the years, and I have to say that I've had a blast all the way through. I'm proud to count all of you as my friends, and I hope that our paths continue to cross far into the future....


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Admission for the lectures is $7.00 for members of Hardcore™ & $8.00 for non-members.

To join the Hardcore™ Lecture Group, the fee is $10.00.

Hope to see you at the lecture, Jim Krenz

Soon to be former

Lecture Chairman